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Mitaka International Society for Hospitality, Incorporated, recognizes the importance of private information received from Mitaka residents, and, based on the law relating to the private information protection and the intent of the stipulations adopted by the City of Mitaka regarding private information protection ordinances, hereby establishes the following regulations for protecting private information and pledges to ensure the proper use of such information.

  • Only that private information deemed necessary shall be stored. No text that concerns thoughts, creeds, or religion, nor any which can be construed as socially discriminating shall be stored.
  • Mitaka International Society for Hospitality shall obtain personal information only after its purposes have been clearly and directly delineated in a proper and official manner to the individual.
  • Private information will be used exclusively for the purpose for which it has been gathered and may not be provided to any other external entities.
  • When storing private information, it will be kept accurate and current for the purposes indicated, and every measure to prevent its falsification, loss or damage, or leak will be taken. In addition, any obsolete private information will be immediately deleted or disposed of.
  • Mitaka International Society for Hospitality shall immediately work to make any changes to private information should the individual ask for its confirmation or amendment.
  • When any official work entailing private information is entrusted to a business entity other than MISHOP, every necessary measure shall be taken to ensure its proper handling by that entity.
  • These guidelines for the handling of private information shall be observed by the administration of Mitaka International Society for Hospitality from the Chair to the Office Staff. Their contents shall continue to be reviewed for amendment as is deemed necessary.