What is MISHOP

MISHOP Membership

Activities of MISHOP are supported by its  volunteer members. Anyone interested in our activities is welcome to join, regardless of nationality or place of residence. Foreign residents may participate in MISHOP's activities without membership. (Membership fees are charged; registration is free; some events require fees) We are looking forward to meeting you.

MISHOP’s membership system 

There are two kinds of memberships:  supporting members and paying members.  Supporting members participate, manage, and implement activities and events: contributing members give financial support to the society.

Annual fees (from April to March)

Supporting member ¥3,000 each (Students ¥1,000).
※Those who become members after October may pay only half membership fees for their first half-year.
Contributing members ¥50,000  each. 

After registration

As information and schedules of events will be posted to you, we encourage you to participate in any activities of interest. Please note thatMISHOP carries insurance to cover any injuries that might arise during volunteer activities. Further details can be obtained at the MISHOP office.

How to register

※We're not recruiting volunteers at the moment due to curtailing our activities.

(1) At the MISHOP office

Please fill in the application form and pay the annual fee.

(2) From our homepage

Please input the necessary data on theApplication Form and email this to us. Payment should follow either at our office or using our Savings Transfer Account at the Japan Post Office (Yucho Ginko)

※Those who remit payments via net-banking service from banks other than the Postal(Post-Office)
Saving Bank are kindly requested to input their account number and the name of the account holder after entering the below-mentioned Bank Code Number and the name of the Branch Office.

Postal Saving Bank -Bank Code No. 9900
Name of Branch Office (Its Code No.) 〇一九(Chinese Figures)
Account No. 00160-5-536886
Name of Account Holder Public-service CorporationMitaka International Society for Hospitality

※ Those who remit via the Postal Saving Bank Direct - Net Banking Service provided by the Postal Saving Bank are to be reminded that there will be a slight change as to the Account Number of the Party in whose account the money transfer is effected.

Postal Saving Bank Direct Transfer
- Account No.
Name of Account Holder Public-service CorporationMitaka International Society for Hospitality

*The transfer charges are 80yen when using an ATM at a post office, and 120yen (for amounts less than 30,000yen) at the counter. Registrations done with payments through the post office usually require about two weeks to complete.


You can visit us any time. MISHOP is open Monday through Saturday, from 9:30 to 21:30 (office hours from 9:30 to 17:00). 
Please click here for our schedule of activities.

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