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Let’s Eat Around the World "Thailand" 


 Date: 2020/3/28 (Sat)  10:30-15:00
 Place: Mitaka-City Renjaku Community Centre 2F


LET’S EAT AROUND THE WORLD, a program where we enjoy cooking while having international communication, will be held in March. This time we’ll be cooking some Thailand cuisine. There will be a small talk about the country and culture after the meal. Why don’t you join us to experience Thailand culture through its cuisine?

■MENU  Hot and sour fish soup "Tom yum pla",Fried pork and sticky rice,Thai dessert
■Date   Saturday, March 28, 10:30-15:00
■Location Renjaku Community Center 2F
■Lecturer Ms. Tongsaiporn Amornrat
■Capacity First 25 people
■Fee    500 yen (pay in advance)
■Please bring your own apron, bandana, dish cloth, and face mask. *The meal contains flour, seafood, milk and egg. *The menu might be changed when ingredients are not available.

Let’s Eat Around the World

Application for Participation

Those who wish to participate are asked to apply by clicking the link below

Application for Participation

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