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Voluntary Interpreter/Translator Services

Voluntary Interpreter/Translator Services Volunteer interpreting ∕ translating services are offered for foreign residents who are having difficulty with procedures at the Municipal Office because they do not speak Japanese well, or with understanding communications from schools in the city.Those who would like to use this service should inquire at MISHOP.

Qualifying applicants
Foreign residents who live or attend 
school in Mitaka City 

Contents of Service

1 Dispatch of volunteer interpreter for helping with procedures at the Mitaka City Hall or schools

2.Translating of documents from the City Hall or schools
Languages available
English,Chinese,Korean, Thai, French,Russian,German,Indonesian,Spanish,Portuguese etc

※Should a disaster occur,volunteer interpreters∕translators will serve  at
an Emergency Support Center for Foreign Residents to be established in the
MISHOP Office,providing necessary information for foreign residents  and supporting them at Emergency Shelters according to the directives of the Disaster Prevention Headquarters.

Regulations & Registration form(Mitaka City)

Activity reports

2015/2/28 (Sat) 13:00-15:00