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Let’s Eat Around the World "Chile" 【full-booked】


Date: 2018/6/30(Sat) 13:30-
Place: Mitaka-City Renjaku Community Centre 2F


LET’S EAT AROUND THE WORLD, a program where we enjoy cooking while having international communication, will be held in June. This time we’ll be cooking some Chilean cuisine. There will be a small talk about the country and culture, ethnic dance performance "cueca" after the meal. Why don’t you join us to experience Chilean culture through its cuisine?

■Menu   pan con pebre, curanto en olla & turrón de vino tinto etc.
■Date   Saturday, June 30 13:30-
■Location Renjaku Community Centre 2F
■Lecturer Mrs. Valeria Lübbert & Mr. Andres Guzman
■Capacity First 25 people
■Fee    500 yen (pay in advance)
■Please bring your own apron, bandana, dish cloth, and face mask. *Any requests on allergies will not be managed. *The menu might be changed when ingredients are not available.

Let’s Eat Around the World


Please refer to the MISHOP Miscellany vol.60 for the details.↓