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Farewell Party 2023


Date: 2023/12/2(Sat) 13:30-15:30
Place: Mitaka Sangyo Plaza 7F


We are having our annual end of year party in December. Let’s spend some fun time with the MISHOP members who you have met during the past year! This would be a good chance for you to talk to other MISHOP members. There will be a lot of fun activities, amusing games, and interesting quizzes.

A ticket 500 yen for elementary school, junior high, and high school students (drinks included)
B ticket 1000 yen 18 years old and above (drinks included)
C ticket 1500 yen (includes 2 alcoholic beverage tickets)

How to apply:
1. Please make a provisional application using the dedicated form.
2. Pay the ticket fee at the office and receive the ticket (deadline: 11/20)
For details, please see the event flyer

Dec.2nd, 'Farewell Party 2023'
Volunteers Application Form

Farewell Party 2023


Please refer to the MISHOP Miscellany vol.80 for the details.↓