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The MISHOP International Exchange Ski Tour 2019 FULL


 Date: 2019/2/23 (Sat)  
 Place: Kawakami village, Nagano


Come join us at the MISHOP International Exchange Ski Tour!
Would you like to try skiing with MISHOP members?
We'd love to have you come! We especially welcome those who have never seen snow or tried skiing. Of course, long-time skiers may also join! There'll be free skiing lessons for those who want them. There are also recreations waiting after dinner.

*A reminder that snowboarding is restricted to those with experience only.

Eligible participants:
・Non-Japanese residents and their family members
 (Elementary school agers and up)
・MISHOP members/helpers

Date: February 23rd 2019 Saturday to February 24th 2019 Sunday (1 night 2 days)

Ski Resort: Chateraise Ski Resort Yatsugatake (Nagano Prefecture)

Accommodations: Kawakamigo Nature Village (Mitaka City Extra-Curricular Facilities, Nagano Prefecture)

Gathering Time & Place: February 23rd (Sat.) 7:50am, at the south side of Mitaka Industrial Plaza
(End of tour: February 24th (Sun.) approx. 7:00pm, at the south side of Mitaka Industrial Plaza)

Transportation: Large tour bus
(Transportation fees to the tour bus departure site borne by each participant)

◆Capacity: 25 non-Japanese residents (elementary school agers and up
25 MISHOP members/helpers (the first 50 participants limited only)

*At least minimum of 20 participants with 10 non-Japanese resident participants or more.
*Minors(under 20)need consent from their guardian.
*A parent or guardian must accompany elementary school aged children.

◆Fee: Adults ¥12,000, Children (elementary school ager)¥8,500
(Includes transportation, accommodation, party fee and insurance)

*Slope facility fee and ski wear/equipment rental fees are excluded. The rental costs are as follows;

  ▼Extra fees for slope facility and rental ski wear/equipments
   Slope facility fee: Adults ¥2,000/day, Children ¥1,500/day
  [Rental] Ski wear: Adults ¥2,500/day, Children ¥1,500/day
  [Rental] Ski equipment: Adults ¥2,500/day, Children ¥1,500/day

Application: Apply directly at the MISHOP office or on the MISHOP Website. A form for you to fill in the necessary information will be sent in the return e-mail. Those applying at the MISHOP office may submit the forms after entering the necessary information.

*Required information: Address, name, gender, date of birth, age, nationality, email address, mobile phone number, Emergency contact number (in Japan), participation in skiing lesson, rental ski wear/equipment, food allergies.

◆Application period: From Jan 4th (Fri.) 9AM to Jan 26th (Sat.) 5PM

*Through the website;
1)Please apply individually when using the application form on the website.
If you wish to apply by family unit, please note in the last box.

◆Application period: From Jan 4th (Fri.) 9AM to Jan 26th (Sat.) 5PM


Please refer to the MISHOP Miscellany vol.65 for the details.↓

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