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Outdoor Lounge "Cherry Blossom Viewing 


 Date: 2012/3/27 (Tue)  11:00~14:00
 Place: Nogawa Park


This is an outdoor version of the Lounge Activity, which is held in the MISHOP Meeting Room every week. The participants in the Japanese/English Lounge enjoy each other’s company in a different setting from the usual through “Cherry Blossom Viewing”.

Date : March 27 (Tue.) 11:00-14:00
Place : Nogawa Park
Application : Come to or call MISHOP     
Fee: Free
meet① 10:15 MISHOP,4F, Town Plaza bldg.)
meet②10:30 Mitaka Station (South)/ Bus stop No.2,Bus for International Christian University /Bus No.”Taka51”
Meet③ In front of the main gate of International Christian University.
 Tell us which outing you would like to join.
12:00- After walking in the garden we will enjoy lunch together.
14:00 Event finishes.


The participants of Japanese/English Lounge enjoyed getting to know each other at a very different venue: an Outdoor Lounge for “Ohanami” or Cherry Blossom Viewing.This year’s cherry blossoms were unusually late so unfortunately few were in bloom.Instead, the ume―plum blossoms--were at their best.The participants had a fun time visiting with each other while enjoying the fragrance of the red ume.

Participants: 31 (23 Japanese 23,8 Foreign Residents)

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