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Outdoor Lounge "Cherry Blossom Viewing


 Date: 2010/3/30 (Tue)  10:00~14:00
 Place: Jindai Shokubutsu Botanical Park


This is an outdoor version of the Lounge Activity, which is held in the MISHOP Meeting Room every week. The participants in the Japanese/English Lounge enjoy each other’s company in a different setting from the usual through “Cherry Blossom Viewing”.


This year again we did the “Ohanami” (Japanese spring activity to observe the cherry blossoms) our annual event in the outside lounge. We interacted with familiar faces together with new members from foreign countries and observed the beautiful cherry blossoms as they began to bloom.
◆ Participant's comments
It was a pleasure to have my first view of the cherry blossoms with the kind people of MISHOP. We had a good lunch together with nice conversation among the members. ( Female, Korean)
◆ Participants : 43 people

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