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Exchange Talk in English Lounge, “Spain”


 Date: 2008/6/24 (Tue)  13:30~15:30
 Place: MISHOP


 This is a new plan for the English Lounge. This occasional “Exchange Talk” has international residents speak freely about everyday themes.

 By giving us some information on how the internationals see and feel about our habits, culture, and social systems that we take for granted, mutual understanding is deepened and multi-cultural understanding becomes possible.

 The first talk is going to be given by Mr. Julio Ruiz from Spain.


 The first talk was given in English by Mr. Julio Ruiz from Spain. The theme was an outline of Spain. We heard an interesting talk on the geography, history, and architecture of Spain.

◆Participants’ comments:
We don’t usually have much news about Spain, so it was very interesting to listen directly to some firsthand information (A.E.,member).
I want this “Exchange Talk” to continue as a regular plan (R.M.,member).

 Participants: 39 members (33 Japanese, 6 internationals)

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