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Outdoor Lounge "Cherry Blossom Viewing


 Date: 2009/3/31 (Tue)  10:00~14:00


This is an outdoor version of the Lounge Activity, which is held in the MISHOP Meeting Room every week. The participants in the Japanese/English Lounge enjoy each other’s company in a different setting from the usual through “Cherry Blossom Viewing”.
The appointed place is the main gate of ICU( International Christian University). After meeting all take a walk in the public Nogawa Park.


From the main gate, we viewed the fully flowering cherry blossoms lining the approach to ICU( International Christian University. Everyone (the Japanese members and the foreign residents) took a walk in Nogawa Park and had a picnic lunch sitting in a circle together under the beautiful cherry blossoms. After that we enjoyed chatting together.

Participants 59 persons

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