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Farewell Party 2011   【12:30-18:00 MISHOP can not be used for LLJ lessons due to the party】


 Date: 2011/12/10 (Sat)  15:00-17:00
 Place: MISHOP


We are having our annual end of year party in December. Let’s spend some fun time with the MISHOP members who you have met during the past year! This would be a good chance for you to talk to other MISHOP members. There will be a lot of fun activities, amusing games, and interesting quizzes. There will also be Turkish songs performed by a Turkish student and Ukraine Instrumental show by a Ukrainian musician, these have been arranged already. More offers for any little party performances and potluck meals are welcome!!

Farewell Party 2011


Participants’ comments
It was the first time to join the party, and thanks to all the preparatjons for interesting programs and games, I had a really good time. I’d like to take part in other events, too.( Japanese female)

I was very glad to attend the party today. I was able to meet and talk with many people and had a wonderful time. Also I enjoyed various kinds of food from different countries. ( Chinese male)

Thank you. The food was delicious and the games were a fun way to meet others.(American female) 

Number of participants (Total 132 ; 95 Japanese , 37 Internationals)

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