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Assistance to Foreign Residents

Language Support

At the request of the Mitaka School Board, MISHOP dispatches trained volunteers to offer support for students transferring into local elementary and junior high schools from other countries.
Foreign children and students feel stress when trying to adapt to a new environment without language skills. Moreover, acquiring academic skills is an important issue as it will determine their future courses of study and careers.

Support for the children and students entails the volunteer accompanying them in the classroom to provide explanations for the teacher's instructions as necessary, or offering one-to-one Japanese language instruction in a separate classroom when acquiring primary language skills.

Each student receives twenty hours of support,
with an additional twenty hours possible when the school or School Board deems this necessary.

This program is implemented after discussions by the child's guardians, school, and persons concerned to determine the manner of support.

The necessity for this support is determined by the school and Mitaka School Board,so any request for dispatching volunteers should first be made to the teacher in charge at the school attended..