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Disaster Support Program Center for Internationals

Description of Activities

Disaster Support Program Center for Internationals Should a massive disaster occur in Tokyo, including Mitak, it is expected that internationals will have difficulties acquiring information about finding shelters or their use, due to limited Japanese language ability and a lack of knowledge of the area or dealing with disasters.

When a disaster occurs, MISHOP will provides support for internationals (foreign residents) by setting up a Disaster Support Program Center for International at the MISHOP office and lobby in cooperation with Mitaka City.

In the following cases a Disaster Support Center will be set up at MISHOP:
1) When an earthquake registering a Weak 6 or greater occurs in Mitaka City.

2) When extensive damage occurs in Mitaka due to a disaster other than earthquake or to terrorism.
MISHOP will assume an Information Dissemination System for Internationals in the following cases:

1) When an earthquake registering a Strong 5 occurs in Mitaka City.
2) Whenever Mitaka City sets up a Headquarter for Disaster Control, and also when an earthquake registering less than Strong 5 occurs, when disasters other than an earthquake occurs, or when the damage occurs in Mitaka City due to terrorism, etc.
3) When Mitaka City sets up a Headquarter for Disaster Control due to the issuing of an earthquake warning for a Tokai Area earthquake.

When the Support Center is set up, all of the MISHOP staff are expected to assemble, together with as many officers and volunteers as is possible. When the Information Dissemination System is implemented, office staff members are to assemble. Officers and volunteers will be asked in case of insufficient manpower.

Functions and Duties
Functions of the Support Center are as follows.

Collecting and providing information:
Immediately after the disaster occurs, necessary information for internationals regarding safety, shelters, etc. will be collected and provided.

Securing and coordinating volunteers:
The Center will secure volunteers for interpreting and translating the emergency measures. It will also allot the volunteers to shelters where they are needed, in coordination with Mitaka City Headquarters for the Disaster Control.

Confirming the safety of internationals:
The Center will confirm the safety and makes contact with as requested, in coordination with City’s Headquarter.

Advising Internationals:
The Center will provide consultation and guidance for supporting immediate needs, such as shelter accommodations or moves to temporary housings. It will also send interpretation and translation volunteers to consultation sites for rebuilding victims' lives.

Manual for establishing and operating “the Disaster Support Program Center for Internationals

MISHOP has drawn up a manual for establishing and operating the Disaster Support Program Center for Internationals to ensure its effective operations.

Disaster Preparedness Partnership Agreement between Mitaka City and MISHOP (PDF 17KB)

Activity reports

Date Events Place
2016/11/6 Sun 10:00-12:00 Disaster Prevention Drill Nakahara Elementary School

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